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Blogmas day 3: Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Since becoming a mom, arts and crafts has to be my favorite activity to do with my kids.   Well, let’s face it, it was a favorite past time of mine for my entire life haha!    Today I’m going to show you a few super simple and preschooler friendly Popsicle stick ornaments. You don’t even need that many materials, just some paint, glue, and of course, popsicle sticks! 

First up is a Rudolph the red nose reindeer ornament.   You need 3 popsicle sticks (paint them brown) a red Pom Pom (but you could use paint or marker!) pipe cleaners, and googly eyes (you could use paint here too, use what you have!) 

After you’ve paint your sticks brown and they’ve dried, glue them together in a triangle. Point facing down. Glue your red pompom and eyes, then just add your pipe cleaners to the top to resemble antlers.   It’s that easy!   All that’s left to do is add some ribbon or a hook and hang it on the tree!    We gifted these to my mom for Christmas so, i wrapped them nicely in some decorative tissue paper and ribbon.  She loves home made things so it was a perfect gift! 

  • Another option is a snowman.  I used about 8 popsicle sticks for this one.  Again use what you have on hand, nothing fancy required!  We glue 7 of the sticks together side by side. Then we painted them white and let them dry.   Take your 8th stick and glue it on to make the brim of the hat.  Place it about a 1/4 down at an angle. Paint it black or brown as well as the area above so it looks like a hat.  You could add embellishments here like a buckle, some holly etc.   Then all you have to do is add a face! Super simple.   You could really get creative here. Maybe add a scarf?  The choices are yours!  


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