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Unlocking the Magic of Disney

How many reasons could there be to love Disney?!  In my opinion, there’s never enough!  Although it may seem like a Disney vacation is the most magical Disney experience, I know that not everyone can afford one. So, Today I am talking about another Disney FREEBIE!  

 Something not a lot of people know about is being able to open the Disney store which I like to call “unlocking the magic of Disney!”    According to the cast member at the mall we went to, all stores do this opening ceremony and the do it every day!  What is this opening ceremony you may ask? Well, when the store opens the cast members come out with a giant key and they choose the first person in line to help them open up the store and to unlock all the magic.   Doesn’t that sound fabulous?  Well, it is very fabulous, especially for a 4-year-old princess! 
My awesome friend Krystal of Brought to You by Mom did this with her daughter awhile back and I just had to add it to my “Disney bucket list”   My husband took the day o…

Stay at Home Mom TAG!

I had the opportunity to collab with some awesome moms on YouTube! Check out my answers to the tag and maybe answer them yourself!  I’ll leave the questions here as well as the description of my video.   There’s also a link to the other moms videos as well!

I just realized that i skipped one question “did you always plan to be a sahm?” And my answer is no! I always thought i would go straight back to work.  My plans clearly went in a different direction and i couldn’t be happie with where we are at now!

Tag questions :

1. Are you a SAHM or WAHM
2. Why did you choose to stay at home
3. How old are your children
4. Are you a part of a mom or play group
5. Do you have a daily routine or go with the flow
6. Do you have it all together everyday
7. How long do you plan to be a SAHM
8. Do you keep up with all the housework or do you share
9. Do you do things on the side for extra money
10. What do you love about being a SAHM
11. What do you hate about it
12. Did you always know you wanted …

What's in Molly’s lunchbox | Dr.Seuss Week

I've started a new series on my youtube channel.  Kids lunch ideas!   Check it out and let me know some of your ideas for kids lunches. I'd especially. Love to know what you send your picky eater for lunch and snack because I'm always looking for new ideas!  I'd also love it if you'd subscribe e!