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Disney Magic in Your Mailbox

Want some Disney magic but can't make it to Disney world?  How about some Disney magic delivered right to your mailbox?   Yes, it can happen and here's how: send a letter to your favorite Disney character   Did you know you could do that?   I found the address to the Disney characters on Pinterest and was skeptical but it does work.  
  This is a great activity to do with your child and it doubles as a lesson in learning their address!   Molly is 4 and we have done this a few times now.  It's been great practice for her in learning our address and where to place a stamp.  She also gets great joy out of dropping her letter in the mailbox and waiting for on in return. 
So far we have received 3 different postcards back: birthday from Mickey and pals, cinderella princess, and Hi from Mickey and pals.  It seems those are the only 3 because we have written to buzz lightyear and received one back from Mickey, we wrote to snow white and received one back from Cinderella (but all pr…

Disney’s Ohana Character Breakfast

If you’re anything like my family then you enjoy all things Disney, Including a well-planned trip to Disney world!   I really enjoy planning our trips to Disney and one of my favorite parts is making reservations for character meals.  As you may know, getting all the reservations you hope for isn’t always easy because certain experiences book super fast!  If you’re planning a Disney trip keep in mind you can book your dining reservations up to 180 days before.  If you wait chances are you won’t get the ones you want on the days you want.   If it’s a character meal especially!!!  Booking reservations are super easy on Disney's website, the Disney my experience app, or by calling (407) WDW-DINE. I've made reservations all 3 ways and have had good experiences with all. However, if you have a large party I would recommend calling to make the reservation. 
If you are able to score a reservation for a character meal try Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  I have to say this is my a…

What I Pack in Molly’s LunchBox

This week I documented what I packed for Molly’s lunches and snacks for school.  I also, share what she did and didn't eat each day.  Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and I can do more!  She is on February vacation next week so I plan on sharing posts about what we do to keep busy while on school break.

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Happy Monday!  So, I know it’s not #throwbackthursday but I wanted to share this Valentine’s Day Craft I did with Molly last year that was a lot of fun.  You don’t need a ton of supplies and I’m sure they’re all things you have on hand.   I made this craft and a video tutorial as a part of s collab worth The Youtube Mommy Meetup and there is a link in the description of the video to s playlist of all the other mommas who made a Valentine’s Day Craft.  Check them out if you need some inspo for crafting with your Little’s!   If you enjoy my videos I would love it if you would Subscribe to my channel 😉

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Mom Hack | Getting Crayon Off the Walls!

Today’s post comes with a quick video!  I don’t know about you but I’m constantly cleaning Crayon if the Walls!   I don’t know when or how he does it but Caleb is always surprising me with his newest masterpiece on the wall, or door, or fridge, or his skin! Haha. Is that when people say “typical boy”? Because when it comes to Caleb and his ideas of fun that’s the quote I hear most. I’ve tried many “how to’s” on cleaning stains or crayon off the walls and this one has worked the best.   Watch the video to see how I get Crayon, among other things off the wall.

 TIP: this also has worked for marker, colored pencils, and Cheeto finger stains hahaha!!

How This is Us is Helping me Cope with Loss

Today’s post is going to be something different for me.  I’ve never really shared my full feelings or story of loss and grieving.   I’ve become a big fan of the show This is Us and it’s almost like the writers stole scenes from my own life.  As most of the world knows, Sunday’s episode finally gave us the answers to Jacks death.   Take away the fire scene and you have flashbacks of my father's death 21 years ago.  I could barely make it through the episode.  I had to pause it more than once because I was feeling all of the emotions.  I felt panic, sadness, anger, and confusion. 
Here is my “This is Us” story.   January 18, 1997, I went to bed so excited because the next day was my 10th birthday and all my friends were coming over for my party.  I woke up to the sound of my mom on the phone with someone which was unusual for that time of night. Then people started to show up and it was confusing.   All I remember is my uncle driving us to the hospital. I don’t remember getting in hi…

Mom Hack! How I Get My Kids to Eat Veggies

Picky eater? Struggle to get your kiddos to eat veggies? Here’s one of my hacks to get veggies into my kids!   Easy Peasie! I found this amazing product on instagram of all places!   Easy peasie is made by a pediatrician and is literally powdered veg. And did i mention it’s natural? No extra crap in it! The one I purchased was a blend of spinach peas, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots    I use it for both of my kids.  Especially on days where I feel they need more veg in their diet.    Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a replacement for veggies  I still offer veggies to my kids in hopes that they’ll try it.   This is just to make sure they’re getting a good intake of what they need.     All you do is sprinkle some into their food.   Yes, it’s that simple! For Molly I mix it into her ketchup    I do have to mix it really well for her because if she sees any trace of it she won’t eat, she’s that picky!   If she doesn’t see me do it , she has no clue.  You can’t taste or smell it once…