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Back to School || YumBox Review

Hey everyone!  I can’t believe it’s already Back to school season!  Molly still has over a month before she goes back but I know some parts of the country go back really soon and some have already started.  I figured I would do some back to school posts and videos on the products I love.   As you may know, I really love to get creative when making Molly’s lunches so I'm starting off with a lunch post! Today I am telling you all my thoughts on YumBox.  
We were lucky enough to have two Yumboxes sent to us from Motts to celebrate their new Motts sensible juice (which are delish!!).  They were so kind and sent one for each of my kiddos and personalized them.  So a big thank you to Motts!!  

I make lots of lunch videos and Instagram posts but I also check out other moms posts and I’ve always wanted to get a Yumbox based on the reviews.  I was so happy when we got them and immediately used it for Molly lunch.  I absolutely love them and will be purchasing more.  She really wants a pink o…