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Orange Chicken Recipe

I don't know about you but I often get caught up watching cooking videos on Facebook. One video has been going around a lot lately.   ORANGE CHICKEN!!! It's flooded my timelines with friends sharing it but doesn't seem like anyone has tried it yet.  Or at least they haven't shared their results.   So that's where I come in I've tested the recipe and made a few minor tweaks   Tweaks as in shortcuts haha I used frozen popcorn chicken instead of cubed chicken breast... You'll thank me later! Haha 
Here's everything you need for the sauce: An entire jar of Smuckers Orange marmalade1 cup of Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce2 tbsp of soy sauce 

I took Tyson popcorn chicken and tossed it in the deep fryer.  While the chicken was cooking I made the sauce.  I started with the marmalade and let it melt down before adding in the bbq and soy sauces.  Mixed it well and let it reduce a little bit. Once the chicken and sauce were done I poured half the sauce over the chicken and…