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Unlocking the Magic of Disney

How many reasons could there be to love Disney?!  In my opinion, there’s never enough!  Although it may seem like a Disney vacation is the most magical Disney experience, I know that not everyone can afford one. So, Today I am talking about another Disney FREEBIE!  

 Something not a lot of people know about is being able to open the Disney store which I like to call “unlocking the magic of Disney!”    According to the cast member at the mall we went to, all stores do this opening ceremony and the do it every day!  What is this opening ceremony you may ask? Well, when the store opens the cast members come out with a giant key and they choose the first person in line to help them open up the store and to unlock all the magic.   Doesn’t that sound fabulous?  Well, it is very fabulous, especially for a 4-year-old princess! 

My awesome friend Krystal of Brought to You by Mom did this with her daughter awhile back and I just had to add it to my “Disney bucket list”   My husband took the day off and we drove to the closest Disney store we could find, about 30 minutes from us.   We arrived at the doors of Disney around 9:45 am (store opened at 10 am)and luckily we were first in line!  We waited as patiently as we could for the cast members to open the doors.   Molly was dressed as Rapunzel for the occasion and the CM’s treated her just like a princess should be treated.  It’s was so special!    Once Molly unlocked the store she was given, for free,  a smaller replica of the key as a keepsake.   This absolutely made her day and she now thinks that she holds the key to unlocking all of the Disney Magic!  

I highly recommend you add this to your “Disney bucket list”.  I’d also recommend calling ahead to make sure they do the ceremony at your store because things can change from time to time.    I hope you enjoy this Disney freebie tip!  Let me know if you have experienced this or plan on experience this magic!   

Thank you to the amazing cast members at the Disney store in the Burlington Mall you'd made our day! 

If you want to see the video of molly unlocking the magic click HERE!


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