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Disney Magic in Your Mailbox

Want some Disney magic but can't make it to Disney world?  How about some Disney magic delivered right to your mailbox?   Yes, it can happen and here's how: send a letter to your favorite Disney character   Did you know you could do that?   I found the address to the Disney characters on Pinterest and was skeptical but it does work.  

  This is a great activity to do with your child and it doubles as a lesson in learning their address!   Molly is 4 and we have done this a few times now.  It's been great practice for her in learning our address and where to place a stamp.  She also gets great joy out of dropping her letter in the mailbox and waiting for on in return. 

So far we have received 3 different postcards back: birthday from Mickey and pals, cinderella princess, and Hi from Mickey and pals.  It seems those are the only 3 because we have written to buzz lightyear and received one back from Mickey, we wrote to snow white and received one back from Cinderella (but all princesses were pictured) and we sent a birth notice to Mickey when she was born and we received a happy birthday card back from Mickey and pals.   In the past, they used to send signed photos of who you wrote to back and I wish they still did that but it's still exciting either way. 

  Once you send your letter or card expect to wait 2-6 weeks for a reply.  Your child may forget they even sent one but if they're anything like molly then they will ask every day about it.  So I like to use this time as a lesson in patience.   If your child does happen to forget it is an awesome moment when it finally arrives and they are just adorably shocked.   Molly's face everytime one arrives is just so awesome and you can see the magic twinkling in her eyes.   Caleb is still small and he doesn't care as much but molly always makes sure we send out a letter for him too! Such a sweetie pie! 

It's such a great souvenir that's FREE!  I keep them in a photo album with all their autographs from our Disney trips! I hope you try it out and let me know when you receive a response!  

Here is the address :   
 ATTN: ”characters name”
Walt Disney Communications
PO box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040


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