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Mom Hack! How I Get My Kids to Eat Veggies

 Picky eater? Struggle to get your kiddos to eat veggies? Here’s one of my hacks to get veggies into my kids!   Easy Peasie! I found this amazing product on instagram of all places!   Easy peasie is made by a pediatrician and is literally powdered veg. And did i mention it’s natural? No extra crap in it! The one I purchased was a blend of spinach peas, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots    I use it for both of my kids.  Especially on days where I feel they need more veg in their diet.    Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a replacement for veggies  I still offer veggies to my kids in hopes that they’ll try it.   This is just to make sure they’re getting a good intake of what they need.     All you do is sprinkle some into their food.   Yes, it’s that simple! For Molly I mix it into her ketchup    I do have to mix it really well for her because if she sees any trace of it she won’t eat, she’s that picky!   If she doesn’t see me do it , she has no clue.  You can’t taste or smell it once it mixed in. Little does she know her ketchup has an extra surprise in it! Hehe! 

 Now Caleb, he loves it! He asks for it and I’ve been using it for him since he was about a year old.  His favorite way to eat it is sprinkled over his rice with a touch of soy sauce   I’ve also sprinkled it into scrambled eggs, yogurt, and pancake batter.    You can mix it into almost anything; apple sauce, smoothies, soup, season some meat with it, anything you can think of!   The only “con” I have is when I mix it into my scrambled egg mixture, it does clump up and is visible in the final product.  So, for Molly that doesn’t work but Caleb will still gobble them up! 

 The website is very easy to use and the ladies behind it are responsive and helpful.  They’re two sisters; a pediatrician, and a mom/ engineer who created this amazing product to get their family to learn to love veggies!  They are super passionate about this and that’s another reason why I love easy peasie!  

 Easy peasie comes in a shakable container and comes in 3 different natural blends: The blend I got (mentioned above), carrots, peas, and butternut squash, and a red blend of carrots, beets, peas, and squash.  I think my next purchase is going to be the red blend!  I stand behind this product and I truly recommend it to anyone who needs a little help with their picky eaters.  

Fun fact: I sprinkle some in my husbands food too! Shhh don’t tell him though! 

For more detailed information about easy peasie check out their  Website and their Instagram

*this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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